Hi, I'm Daniel!

Learn the beautiful art of Ballroom Dancing.

What I can share

My name is Daniel Zakirzyanov and I have been dancing for 10 years 5 of those have been professional. I have also been teaching ballroom dance to students ranging in all ages, and backgrounds for 5 years. I have traveled the world from Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Spain, Canada, Amsterdam, to participate in competition and learn from the best. Ballroom Dancing can help you in many many different ways. You will gain a better posture, learn to feel the rhythm of music, get in better physical shape, learn to interact and lead a woman or to be lead by a man, and most importantly you will learn to express yourself through movement. VERY IMPORTANT: it is not necessary for you to have a partner! You can experience all of the benefits and awesomeness of ballroom dancing on your own!

Personal session

$30.00 for 30 mins

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