Too stressed about work to work properly?

Stress at work

Stressing factors are everywhere. At your job, with your dog, at your house and even waking up is stressful.

At your job, it's not only the work that can be a cause for stress, but now, more than ever, interpersonal relationships are stressors that have great impact in our lives, since dealing with other people, with different cultures, opinions and lifestyles can be a bit tricky. There are also other factors, such as deadlines and personal or even company objectives (such as quotas) that create stress.

But, as time goes on, these stress charges start to accumulate, and it may cause a series of problems, including, but not limited to, tiredness, loss of appetite and even depressive and aggressive humour.

In conclusion: Stress happens all the time, and everything causes us some kind of stress, but all of it has a different effect on us. But how do we solve this?

Would you be able to live without human interaction, even if it's in the virtual world? What about without cooking your food? And not working?

During the course of our lives, we are conditioned to learn the value of working, and at the same time, that our work gives us the values of our lives, may it be on a personal, financial or on a personal level, which in itself creates even more pressure, making all of it even more stressful than it really is!

We work in 8 hour shifts and are valued through it by others, but it seems like too much time spent in a place where we don't feel as good or accomplished as we could, with people we may not like at all. Is it worth it? Does it leave us enough time to be ourselves with people we actually like, doing things we like? And doing all of this with quality?

It's time that you learn what a stressor agent is.

Unlike other agents like James Bond or Jason Bourne, stressor agents are present in every aspect of your life, and all the time, but some of them, in small doses. They take out the pleasure that we feel in our work while creating unnecessary pressure during the realisation of our tasks. And you may be wondering, what is the cause of this pressure? It can be an infinitude of things, such as deadlines, management, relationships or bills, that accumulate and turn into a snowball that may cause several problems.

Some of the problems caused by too many stressors are, for example, Burnout Syndrome, where the person suffers from a eternal fatigue and enters a vicious cycle that makes this feeling reinforce itself. While in these crisis, work productivity goes down and the will to make things different starts to diminish.

Some of the symptoms are difficulties falling asleep, loss of sleep quality, tiredness, shakiness on the hands and feet, rise in arterial pressure, headaches and even muscle pain. There are other illnesses that are caused by a relation of stress and other factors, including RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), for example.

These problems make our quality of life worsen, at the same time making our work productivity lower, and consequently cause self-esteem problems.

But, is it all bad? Not really. As said before, stress is a part of our day to day lives, and have a very important in our survival as a species, so there is nothing we can do about not getting stressed, but there are a few things we can do to mitigate its effects, like exercises, video-games, meditation, cooking and even doing some cleaning can help out with our stress charges.

Start by exercising, because exercising produces neurotransmitters that help to balance the stress chargers that you accumulate during the day and the week. For example, you can run, walk, go to the gym, swim and even doing yoga or other exercises at home can help you produce serotonin to counter the cortisol that is produced when you're stressed.

Another tip to balance your life stress is to engage in some hobbies, like playing card games, writing or watching tv shows and movies that you like, because if you like something it doesn’t really matter if you’re doing for the first or one hundredth time, it’ll still be your moment to relax.

Now, if you try all of this out and still doesn’t have a positive impact, then I’d suggest you to look for therapy with a psychologist so you can sort this out with the guidance of someone with expertise in the subject. You can work together to find a way that you can start living with a healthy amount of stress.

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