How to Find Your Purpose


Are you living a purposeful life?

Have you ever pursued something that challenges you like nothing ever before, but for some reason you can’t let go of it?

Like a dog with a bone you cannot stop, regardless of how much pain you have gone through.

Does this thing keep you awake at night because you are focusing on how to make it better? Do you find yourself reading books or self-educating to understand more about this thing that excites you so much?

Maybe it keeps you awake because it’s also your biggest bug bear and stresses the hell out of you, regardless of this you still do not let it go.

Does this thing cause fights and misunderstandings with partners, family or friends because your vision and faith can’t be seen by others.

Does it feel like the its most greatest mission that you are here to complete?

When you think about not thinking about it do you find yourself thinking even more about the thing that you tried not to think about?

Well the good news is...

This your PURPOSE, your calling and the reason why you are here!
It will test every strength of your character and you will doubt yourself along the way.

Your purpose comes with being willing to jump out of the comfort zone and take risks that you normally put off through fear or failure.
You may find that you lose people along the way because they do not support or believe in you.

To be honest that’s fine, if they are not in your boat rowing with you then the work for yourself becomes harder so you are better off without them. Carrying excess weight when they aren’t supporting is draining and will tire you from your purpose.

It can be a lonely journey at times but when you are pursuing your purpose you accept fully who you are and where you are going. It will all come in to your life at the right time, just like in the autumn the trees know when to drop its leaves.

Timing is of the essence

When you find your purpose it’s the most rewarding thing possible.
Knowing that you have found what you were put on this earth to do, your purpose emanates through your body giving you a sense of fulfillment and you just love being able to make a difference to the world.

Did you find your purpose on the back of a traumatic or life changing experience?

We all have challenges in life and how we bounce back after these will play a vital part in what the rest of your life looks like.
This is when a lot of soul searching can take place, the journey of self-discovery for me lead to finding my purpose and I for one can tell you that it will be worth it.

How to find your purpose...

Follow your passions, your hobbies and interests.

This will play a huge part in finding your purpose. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will find your purpose straight away, but it will help you get on the right tacks. Can you turn your passion in to profit? I’m sure there’s a way but are you willing to go and try?
We are in a world where opportunities are endless and anything is possible. Set yourself some goals, apply the mindset needed and have fun in the process. You’ve got to love what you do!

Surround yourself with positive people

As mentioned earlier you will lose some people along the way. Find yourself with positive, upbeat and inspiring people. This will help you to draw off the energy and push you to succeed. They say your circle gets smaller, but your goals get bigger and as we get older quality over quantity always prevails.

What do you talk about the most?

Is there a topic that really gets you going? Does a certain subject come up that you can go on all day talking about? Do you have solutions or ways to help people when faced with problems? Listen to yourself talk and what is it that ignites the fuel inside of you? Tell your story. Is it one of change or growth? Sharing your experiences and how you’ve gone through times will resonate with others. They say healing others through your story will help you to heal more also.

We are all born with a purpose however some may never find it or they are misdirected because money for time is more important to them.

The choices that you make along the way take you nearer or further away from your purpose. Your happiness should always be at the top of the things you’re setting out to achieve. When you have purpose in what you do, you will notice the positive changes in yourself and it will feel like you are not even working.

Go after it, keep going after it and don’t stop because your
purpose is a reason to NEVER QUIT!!

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