Matrescence - the Beginning of Motherhood


When becoming a mom, I still remember how overwhelming it felt. Coming home from the center where I gave birth and where I spent several days having been in good care by the midwives working there, I felt a tightness in my breast, anxiety to take my baby for the first walk, my heartbeat rising.

The first week at home I did not sleep at all, because of the nervousness and excitement I felt at the same time. I had been on the fastest emotional rollercoaster ride ever, from totally in awe with this little being I could call mine, to feeling exhausted and sad . And on top of all of this there was the endless tiredness, the horrid sleep deprivation, plus the false expectations to still be able to continue with my old life and to feel complete and whole with my baby. None of these expectations did really come true. It was too much.

Now, I know that this whole transformation of becoming a mom is called matrescence. Every woman goes through this exact same change. It is as life changing as adolescence, when we grow from teenagers into adults.

Yet, there is still not a word to describe this period where, after becoming a mom, we are feeling so off, which, by the way, can last for several weeks and months. And only because moms are feeling like this, they don’t want to be immediately diagnosed with post-partum depression.

It would be good if parents just knew that this is normal, that they are not alone, that every first-time parent is feeling that way.

If women would just be a little bit more prepared of what is coming after birth and talked more to each other.

If they just knew that they will need to build a village, a support system, already before being a mom...

If they just knew that they cannot do it all alone and how relevant self care is to properly take care for their little one!

When I was pregnant, I was actually seeking to prepare myself for what will come when being a mom, but I didn’t know how. The only thing everyone was talking about during pregnancy was preparing for birth: doing birth preparation classes, visualizing the dream birth, and maybe here and there, a little bit about self care.

Nothing about the word matrescence, nothing about baby sleep, nothing about what it actually means to be a mom and how to mindfully parent.

That is why my mission today is to help as many pregnant women and newborn moms as possible to get a little bit prepared, because I believe that this will help them have an easier time navigating the fourth trimester and the entire first year with baby. So they can lay the right foundations for their child to become an emotionally and mentally healthy human being.

In my program, I am teaching everything that parents should know about normal infant sleep, attachment and mindful parenting, breastfeeding, baby-led weaning, and more.

I help them to prioritize self-care and to access their intuition, because at the end of their day, they are the answers to their child.

I help them to set the right expectations and to take a healthy distance from unrealistic images and stories from social media that we get bombarded with.

I help them with suggestions on how to improve their baby’s sleep without getting involved in sleep training and cry-it-out methodologies.

Our children need us in good emotional and mental health. The first few years of life are tremendously important and influence how they will become as an adult, and shape their entire being.

So let’s do it right from the start!!

About the Author

Hi, I am Nadine! Originally I am from Germany, but have been living in beautiful Switzerland since 2012. I am a holistic health coach, baby-led sleep and wellbeing specialist, mama and wife. I am passionate about mindfulness and peaceful parenting. I developed a program for first time moms that gives them all the tools they need to transform their relationship to their child and to themselves, so they feel happier, healthier and more confident in their role as a parent!

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