Hi, I'm Alison!

Neurodevelopmentalist- From Behavior Modification to Traumatic Brain Injuries

What I can share

Developmental and Behavioral Consultants offer comprehensive evaluations that focus on your loved one's function rather than their diagnosis. Our team will design a program that addresses the needs of your family through a developmental assessment of behavior, social skills, and academic ability. They will also address reflex integration, discuss and assist with nutrition and supplementation as well as explain how the neurodevelopmental "pieces" we discover relate to their symptoms, issues, and your concerns. Both Alison and Matthew are diverse in both their training and techniques. Initially, they studied and implemented ABA techniques with hundreds of individuals. Through their innate need to further educate themselves, they continued their training with Greenspan, Functional Communication Training, The Movement Program, Brilliant Learning Technique, Listening Therapies, Nutritional Interventions, and Neurodevelopment.

Personal session

$80.00 for 30 mins

Group sessions

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