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Hi, my name is Aline Lima. I’m an Economist, Post-Graduate in Business Law who was born with a strong entrepreneurial soul and a deep passion for enterprise. In my earlier professional years, I was focused mainly on my role within the financial and investment sector, working within companies such as Ernst and Young and FunCef, a Private Pension Fund in Brazil. But I found that the typical career ladder of the financial world wasn’t really fulfilling me. When I finally stopped denying this, I started my own business and right there I had my first encounter with a problematic mindset. The business was starting to show good results, but my first mindset block showed up: the act of comparing my results/stats with those of the other entrepreneurs. This constant comparison started overtaking the joy of running and growing my first venture. During this time, when I was researching how to update 2 courses I had created, and to build a third one that had been on my mind for a while, something struck me. Hard: The only thing that is separating me from what I want is my mindset. After going from NLP to energy healing modalities, to learn how to access and unlock people’s brains, what I found in the end, strange as it sounds, was myself. And during this process, ‘700 Business’ was born.

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