Hi, I'm Akshay!

You got problems, I got ears. Let's talk.

What I can share

Throughout the years, with the people that have come into my life, I have realized I am a great listener but an even better advice giver/problem solver. So, people of ANY age, if you have problems, tensions, worries, etc. about ANYTHING (work, school, family, friends, extended family, life, COVID, health, kids, parents, siblings, significant other, etc.)...I got ears and I'm 99% sure I can help you in someway. Let's talk.

Bottled Water-30 Minute Session

$1.00 for 30 mins

Let's chat.

Tea-1 Hour Session

$1.00 for 1 hour

Let's talk. (-$25)

Coffee-2 Hour Session

$1.00 for 2 hours

Let's connect. (-$50)

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